Ocmulgee River:

We’re finally back to normal! After an unusually wet August, the dam had been pumping out water to mitigate upstream flooding, leaving us with a high, muddy Ocmulgee. But the dam is back to its normal Summer release and clarity should return shortly if it hasn’t already. Levels may rise with plans to generate or if we see more rain this month, so make sure to always check gauges and wear a PFD when paddling the river. Make sure to get a float in at Amerson before Fall arrives! With the river back down we can enjoy the in-town stretch at a leisurely pace.

Look for the bite to pick up on cooler days as we move into Fall. Topwater is certainly still a player through late summer, but don’t be afraid to try a streamer or nymph if the fish aren’t responding to a popper or dry. An intermediate, sink tip, or full sinking line is a good way to prospect deeper holes where fish may be escaping from the sun and aerial predators.

Hot Flies:

Deer Hair Popper, Frog #1/0

Boogle Popper, Pearl White #4

Kreelex Minnow, White Pearl #2



Flint River:

The river dropped rapidly after flashing up with the recent precipitation. It is still high enough for a good day paddle, but be mindful of bony shoals, wear good river shoes, and be prepared to exit your boat here and there to maneuver over ledges or around rocks. Always check gauges and wear a PFD when paddling the river.

Water clarity remains poor, even with levels being within a fishable range. It is still worth it to get out there as long as the river remains wadeable. Larger patterns and darker colors will prove effective where other patterns do not.

Hot Flies:

Circus Peanut, Black/Blood #4

Crittermite, Black #2

Hot Flash Minnow, Shiner #2