Ocmulgee River:

The river has been up since Hurricane Sally came through, but has receded considerably. Release at the dam has been high to mitigate upstream flooding, but recently has dropped just low enough to make paddling and fishing safe. Please always remember that releases are inconsistent and happen with no warning, so always check gauges and wear a PFD when paddling the Ocmulgee.

Fishing has been pretty dang good. Wading is difficult with the higher levels, but not impossible. Look for water to be a bit stained and turbid. Subsurface approaches have proven to be most effective.

Hot Flies:

Kreelex Minnow,  White Pearl #2

Lunch $, Shad #2

Butzin Gamechanger, Fish Scale White



Flint River:

The Flint has had a lot of level fluctuation with the recent storms. We are now on a drop until the next major rain. The river is at a good place for paddling and the weather has been very pleasant. Always check gauges and wear a PFD when paddling the Flint.

Fishing has been tough with the rain. Look for it to improve with cooler temps into Fall. Muddy water calls for darker colors and larger patterns to try and trigger a strike.

Hot Flies:

Circus Peanut, Black/Blood #4

Lunch $, Shad #2

Kreelex Minnow, Black/Purple #2