Welcome to the Ocmulgee Outfitters stream report! We’re
excited to be providing this service for the local Paddling
and Fly Fishing community so that you can better connect
with our local streams here in Central Georgia. For now,
we will only be doing a report for the Ocmulgee River and
Flint River from the fall line north, but we hope to expand
the report in the future! These are simply the streams that
we spend the most time on and are the most familiar with.
If you are currently reading this and wish to contribute,
please call 478-259-6594 or email
Quint@OcmulgeeOutfitters.com with your report from the
Ocmulgee River:
Generation from the dam has been up and down, but
mostly within a floatable level. >3,000 cfs is generally
considered unsafe for paddlers, so keep an eye on the
gauge at Jackson. Further down, the Amerson River Park
float is at a wonderful level right now, but do not continue
past the second takeout, as the float to Spring Street is
currently blocked by the levels and I-16 development.
Fishing on the Ocmulgee has been decent but water
clarity has been an issue. We should see fishing improve
as levels drop and the water becomes clearer. Rocky
sections have been more productive than flatwater.
Hot Flies:
Bennett’s Lunch $, Shad #2
Darter Perch #4
Mercer’s Micro Cray, Rust #8

Flint River:
Spring flooding has settled down and the river has been at
a floatable level recently. Paddlers will enjoy the pace of
the river at this level but should still use caution in swift
water and always wear a PFD. Fishing has been good but
a bit slow when compared to Springs past. Rocky sections
have been more productive than flatwater. Insect
production has been consistent with Dragons, Damsels,
and Mayflies emerging all day, and because of this the
Sunfish bite has rivaled that of the Bass on certain days.
Hot Flies:
Crystal Damsel, Blue #2
Micro Popper, Yellow #10
Bryson’s Count of Monte Frisco, Brown/Gold