Ocmulgee River:

The rain has finally slowed down! Levels are beginning to drop to their low, Summer flows. Water clarity is excellent and can be expected to stay that way until the next major rain event. That being said, generation at the dam will continue to affect levels and clarity, and paddlers and anglers should ALWAYS check gauges before using the river and wear a PFD if using a boat.

Fishing has been consistently good, with a variety of approaches yielding results. Bring a good assortment of flies, especially if fishing for a full day, as the bite tends to change depending on time of day.

Hot Flies:

Boogle Popper, Yella Fella #4

Home Invader, White #2

Hot Flash Minnow, Shad #2



Flint River:

Levels are the lowest we have seen all year, making paddling a bit more challenging with several sections being very boney. With rain in the forecast in the coming weeks, we will likely see a lot of fluctuation in river levels, so make sure to check gauges and ALWAYS wear a PFD when paddling the Flint.

Fishing has been pretty dang good, with even the Gar and Bowfin getting aggressive after flies. With higher water temps, look for fish to be in shade and swifter water keeping cool.

Hot Flies:

Crittermite, Black #6

Boogle Popper, Pearly White #4

Circus Peanut, Black/Blood #4