Ocmulgee River:

Rainfall and generation have made the levels inconsistent, but days with lower levels have produced good conditions for a float. With rain ahead in the week, keep an eye on the gauge to make sure that it’s safe to be on the river. The Macon stretch has been very popular lately with lots of folks out on the water. Get an early start to beat the crowds and enjoy the cool morning air. As always, make sure to wear a PFD when floating on ANY stretch of the river!

Fishing has been inconsistent with the up and down of the levels. As levels drop, look for fish to be more active as we move into the summer fishing season. Bring a solid assortment of flies as the bite has been changing day to day.


Hot Flies:

Hot Flash Minnow, Shad #2

Creek Crawler, Olive # 4

Boogle Popper, Pearly White #4



Flint River:

Just as the river was getting way down, the North and Central Georgia rainfall has brought it back up a touch. It is still at a good level for a day in the Kayak or Canoe, just make sure to wear a PFD and check the levels before planning a paddle.

Fishing has been good and will likely heat up as the days get warmer. The spotted bass have been very active, so make sure to bring a stringer and do your part to remove these invasive, nonnative fish. A consistent Stonefly hatch, with bugs of all sizes, has got the Bream looking up! It’s a good time to fish the 4wt or 5wt for some redbreast.


Hot Flies:

Mercer’s Micro Crayfish, Rust #8

Micro Popper, Yellow #10

Chubby Chernobyl, Gold #12